Electrical Installation

Elektro-Verdrahtung in einem Schaltschrank

SPOT Electrical Installations

Do you want to build? – Together with you, we plan all electrical installations as required and implement them on time – from the delivery point of the network supplier to the “power outlet”.

We supply and install complete electrical, safety and communication systems for residential, public and industrial buildings.

This includes…

  • planning/service specifications
  • supply of power consumed on a construction site
  • electrical installation
  • lighting systems
  • lighting concepts with indoor/outdoor illumination
  • door communication/alarm systems
  • telephone systems/data networks
  • televisions sets and satellite systems
  • telephone systems/data networks
  • bus systems/networks – also see KNX bus
  • security systems

Other services

  • Inspection of your existing stationary system according to DIN VDE
  • Inspection of your portable devices according to DIN VDE

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