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SPOT home automation / KNX bus

The KNX standard that has been around for more than 20 years is becoming more and more important now. This is because it ensures the intelligent networking of all devices in building systems technology – from the basement to the roof. These include, for example, lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation and burglar alarms as well as your multimedia system.

KNX – state-of-the-art networked building systems technology

KNX remains flexible due to modular technology and ensures efficient energy use and more security. KNX systems can be operated using switches, your smartphone, a remote control or a touch panel as required.

SPOT has been one of the approximately 8,500 KNX partners in Germany since 2018 – with special training recognised by the KNX Association. Therefore, you can let our trained and experienced staff take care of the consulting, planning and execution of your installations.

About 200 well-known manufacturers across the globe manufacture KNX products that can communicate with each other within a system. KNX conforms to standards EN 50090 and ISO/IEC 14543.

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